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Dec 14 2015

Two new in-situ datasets available

In May and July 2015, EOLAB conducted 2 intensive field campaigns in Las Tiesas experimental farm, in Barrax, in the province of Albacete, in Spain, in collaboration with ITAP. Effective LAI, LAI, FAPAR and FCover measurements were collected with Digital Hemispherical Photographs, ceptomer and other devices over various crops like corn, wheat, papaver, alfafa, onion, barley, etc... 

EOLAB has also up-scaled the in-situ measurements acquired over the Ottawa experimental farm by Agri-Food Canada from May to August 2014. Effective LAI, and FCover were collected with Standard Digital Photographs over various crops like wheat, soybean, corn and canola.

In both cases, Landsat-8 images were used to upscale the measurements over a region of 20kmx20km.

Ground data and high resolution maps (2 dates for Barrax 2015 and 4 dates for Ottawa 2014) are available here.

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