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Oct 29 2015

Time series of Landsat-8 biophysical products available

The retrieval methodology, initially developped to generate the kilometric and hectometric biophysical products (LAI, FAPAR, FCover) of the GEOV* family disseminated by the Copernicus Global Land service, has been adapted to the decametric reflectances of the Landsat-8 sensor, in preparation of the use of the Sentinel-2 data. As a demonstration, times series of these variables were generated over 8 ImagineS demonstration sites of various cropland and grassland conditions. The length of time series depends on the site but it covers, at least, one full year.

Products are provided in GEOTIFF format, containing uncertainties and quality flag as well. They are associated with the ATBD and a Product User Manual.

LAI Tana 28 september 2013LAI Tana 24 december 2013LAI Tana 25 Janury 2014LAI Tana 3 February 2014LAI Tana 17 May 2014LAI Tana 2 june 2014

LAI over Tana Basin, Kenya, from September 2013 to June 2014.

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