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Jun 20 2016

Three new in-situ datasets available now: Capitanata, Italy (2014-1015) and Kenya (2016)

In 2014 (March and May) and in 2015 (March and April), CNR-SCA conducted 2 intensive field campaigns over the agricultural JECAM site of Capitanata, Italy. This area is characterized by farms with average size up to 20 ha, highly productive soils cultivated under instensive and irrigated regime. Winter durum wheat represents the main cereal crop often grown in rotations with irrigated horticultural species.  Effective LAI, LAI, and FAPAR were collected with Licor LAI200C Plant canopy analyser.

In 2016, EOLAB has conducted a field campaign, in collaboration with CIAT, onver the Maragua region in upper Tana river basin in Kenya. Land use types over the area include tea, coffee, eucalyptus, banana, among others. The area is characterized by quite small plots and a significant spatial (both inter-field and intra-field) heterogeneity. Effective LAI, LAI, FAPAR and FCover were collected with Digital Hemispherical Photographs.

EOLAB has up-scaled the in-situ measurements using Landsat images over a region of 20kmx20km (Kenya) and 10x10km (Italy).

Ground data and high resolution maps are available here.

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