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Oct 07 2014

Third Progress Meeting, Valencia, 23rd September

The third ImagineS Progress Meeting has been held on 23rd September in Valencia, Spain. The main objective was to agree on a clear view of the activities and objectives for the second part of the project.

The meeting allowed to make the progress of the current activities, in particular the end of the development of the GEOV3 chain (LAI, FAPAR, FCover retrieval from PROBA-V 333m data), and the start of tasks related to the high resolution biophysical products (LAI, FAPAR, FCover at 30m resolution from PROBA-V and Landsat-8, as proxy of Sentinel-3 and Sentinel-2). For the former action, the quality assessment of test data set is now in progress before giving a "GO" to the Copernicus Global Land service to start the production in NRT over Europe. For the latter action, the methodology definition is ongoing using high resolution images time series available over 4 contrasted agricultural areas.

The meeting also highlighted the huge work performed by EOLAB to collect and process ground measurements, used to validate the kilometric and hectometric satelite-derived biophysical products. This activity is made in support to the quality assessment and quality monitoring tasks of the Copernicus Global Land service. The ground measurements and the upscaled reference maps will be made available for the community soon via this website.

On 24th September, the 2nd Advisory Board meeting has been held. The main recommendations are related to the actions towards users, including training, and to the enhancement of collaboration with parallel initiatives, like the ESA-funded Sen2-Agri project and the JECAM initiative.



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