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Mar 20 2014

Second ImagineS Progress Meeting

The second ImagineS Progress Meeting has been held on 13th and 14th March, in Paris, hosted by INRA. The main objectives were to agree on consolidated answers to the reviewer's comments made on the Periodic Report 1, and to define the strategy for an update of the ImagineS work plan to deal with the delay in the launch of Sentinel-2&3 satellites. Teams decided to work with Landsat-8 data, as a proxy of Sentinel-2, and PROBA-V data to investigate the fusion of decametric and hectometric information to improve the retrieval of biophysical variables.

The meeting allowed to make the progress of the current activities, in particular of the development of the GEOV3 chain (LAI, FAPAR, FCover retrieval from PROBA-V 333m data). Although some delay due to the late availability of the PROBA-V data, the final objective to start in May 2014 a systematic production over Europe in the Global Land Service is maintained.

Teams discussed also the actions towards the end-users. Better to try to get contact with various types of potential users, we prefer to focus and consolidate the contacts with the already identified end-users entities.

Coordinator concluded the meeting recalling the key milestones of 2014, including the next Progress Meeting in Valencia in September, associated with a second Advisory Board Meeting.

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