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Dec 03 2013

PROBA-V in operations

ImagineS is being used the 333m resolution daily PROBA-V synthesis products to derive the biophysical variables describing the vegetation and soil state and dynamics.

INRA has developed an innovative methodology to retrieve the LAI, FAPAR and FCover, HYGEOS has developed the processing chain and is carrying out the final tests using the Top-Of-Atmosphere PROBA-V daily reflectances before delivering the qualified software to VITO which should start a demonstration near real time production over Europe for the Copernicus Global Land service from May 2014.

Meteo-France is finalizing an algorithm assessing the surface albedo from Top-of-Canopy PROBA-V daily reflectances. Once consolidated, HYGEOS will develop the processing chain with the objective to deliver it to the Copernicus Global Land service by Autumn 2014.

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