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Sep 24 2015

New release of Barrax 2014 dataset

The HR maps derived from the measurements collected over Barrax site during the 2014 field campaign have been updated to correct some inconsistencies.

Indeed, the actual LAI was overestimated due to an unreliable clumping index for very dense canopies. This made the LAI values very high up to 7.5, and the resulting maps were then biased.

Further, some inconsistencies were present over bare/senescent areas with bad quality flag. This problem has been solved using the transfer function based upon the NDVI. Since, in Barrax site, there are large bare/senescent areas, the NDVI provides better results than the 4 spectral bands combination. The TOC reflectances were used instead of TOA reflectances to retrieve better NDVI.

Details are given in the updated field campaign and data processing report.

The release of the dataset is available here.

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