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Nov 12 2015

LDAS products now available

The regional LDAS, operated over France and over Hungary, and the global LDAS, operated over the globe, can assess the Leaf Area Index (LAI), the root zone soil moisture, the surface soil moisture, the evapotranspiration, the Net Ecosystem Exchange (NEE), the Gross Primary Production (GPP), and the Above Ground Biomass (AGB) by assimilation of satellite-derived biophysical products. These variables, associated with drought indicators, are provided at daily and 10-days steps over 45 straw cereals and 48 grassland sites in France, 9 straw cereals sites in Hungary and 85 cropland and grassland sites around the globe.

Products are provided in ASCII csv format files. They are associated with the ATBD and a Product User Manual.

AGB Anomaly global map

Above Ground Biomass-based Anomaly Index for November 2010 in % of the 1999-2013 mean

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