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Nov 24 2014

Ground data available

Imagines makes available the ground measurements of LAI, FAPAR, and FCOVER collected in 2013 and 2014 over demonstration sites. Resulting high resolution maps are essential reference for the validation of 1km and 300m resolution satellite-derived biophysical products.

More than 50 field campaigns have been conducted over cropland and grassland sites. More than 12.000 hemispheric photos have been taken and processed to generate about 20 ground high resolution reference maps. The mean values and standard deviation are extracted over the 3km x 3km area of the validation sites. They are exploited by the Copernicus Global Land service to assess the quality of the LAI, FAPAR, FCover products derived at 1km and 300m from SPOT/VGT and PROBA-V sensors data.

Additional field campaigns are planned in 2015 (Chile, France, Kenya, Ukraine, etc...) to increase the database. 

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