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Jun 26 2015

Fourth Progress Meeting, 22nd of June, Toulouse

The fourth Progress Meeting has been held on 22nd of June in Toulouse, hosted by Meteo-France. The main objective was to clarify the remaining actions till the end of the project, and more specifcally, to make the status on the availability of ImagineS products: high resolution biophysical variables, crop maps and LDAS output.

It has been decided that the ImagineS products will be disseminated to users in September. The summertime will be used to finalize the documentation, ATBD and Product User Manuals, and to create the product packages. The products will be made available through an ftp site accessible via this ImagineS website where specific pages will be created to describe each type of products. The users, identified at the early stages of the project, will be re-contacted to update their evaluation plan.

This meeting was also the opportunity to discuss the organisation of a final ImagineS event. Many option have been mentioned: the prefered one would be to organise a side event of the Copernicus Global Land workshop that should be organized in the first quarter of 2016.

Further, it has been decided to request for an extension by 2 months, till end of April 2016, of the duration of the project.


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