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Jul 11 2013

First Progress Meeting

The first ImagineS Progress Meeting held on 3rd July in Antwerp, hosted by VITO. The main objective was to make the status of the developments related to the PROBA-V processing lines, which are expected by the Copernicus Global Land Service to start a pre-operational demonstration production of LAI, FAPAR and FCover over Europe in May 2014.

During this meeting, two presentations on PROBA-V have been done by VITO experts: one describing the products and tools, the other detailing the different steps of the processing from raw data to daily synthesis. It was the opportunity for the ImagineS teams to discuss with experts on the PROBA-V data properties and clarify all open issues about their content, and their expected quality.

Each team reported on the progress of R&D activities: no deviation was detected. The actions towards the user community have been discussed. It was decided to identify few potential users outside Europe really motivated to test the 300m PROBA-V products over limited regions of interest for which demonstrations products could be generated offline. 

The main promotional event in the next months will be the Global Vegetation Monitoring and Modelling (GV2M) workshop, organized by INRA in Avignon, France, from 3rd to 7th of February 2014. ImagineS is one sponsor of the event.

Coordinator concluded the meeting recalling that the first reporting period ends in October 2013, time when the technical and financial reports are expected. The review meeting with REA will occur beginning of December in Brussels.

The next Progress Meeting will be hosted by INRA, in Paris, in March 2014.

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