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Mar 17 2016

AHSPECT 2015 ground dataset available

From 22nd to 25th of July 2015, EOLAB acquired in-situ data (LAI, FAPAR and vegetation cover fraction) in the context of the AHSPECT (Agriculture Health SPECTrometry) campaign which aimed at collecting hyperspectral airborne measurements over agro-forestry areas of southwest France for assessing the agricultural health, physiology and satellite products validation. The project was supported by EUFAR's transational access programme.

Ground measurements were taken in seven sites where ground-based stations are maintained by CESBIO, METEO-FRANCE and INRA, located between Toulouse and the Atlantic ocean. The study region is generally flat or will small slopes with large crop fields covered by a mix of irrigated (maize and soybean, mainly) and non-irrigated crops (sunflower, wheat and rapeseed, mainly). Several devices were used for estimating biophysical variables, including Digital Hemispherical Photographs, ceptometer and plant canopy analyser. EOLAB has up-scaled the in-situ measurements acquired over 6 of the 7 sites using Landsat-8 images.

Ground data and high resolution maps covering an area of 5kmx5km around each site are available here.

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