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Mar 05 2013

Advisory Board Meeting

The first Advisory Board Meeting of ImagineS project held in Lille on 22nd February. HYGEOS and the ImagineS partners welcomed the members of the Advisory Board: E. Bartholomé, from JRC, as technical coordinator of the Copernicus Global Land Service; H. Dufourmont, from EEA, as technical coordinator of the Copernicus Continental Land Service; A. Nonguierma, from UNECA, as expert of the African community and P. Viterbo, from IPMA, as expert of the LSA-SAF.

The main recommendation came from the Copernicus Global Land Service. It expects that ImagineS can provide, in due time, a processing line to start a pre-operational production of LAI, FAPAR and FCover from 300m PROBA-V data over Europe in May 2014. This new objective necessitates the revision of the ImagineS work plan and greatly shortens the initial period of development. The fact that most of ImagineS partners are also involved in the GIO Global Land consortium is a great advantage to ensure a clear and close complementarity.

Other suggestions were made to increase the links with the users community, in particular with the African end-users, and to improve interactions to better identify and understand their needs. This is a challenging activity that will last all along the project lifetime.

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