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Feb 18 2015

3 new in-situ datasets available

Thanks to a collaboration between ImagineS and ERMES project, EOLAB and the University of Valencia have performed a multi-temporal field campaign on La Albufera site, in the province of Valencia, in Spain between June and August 2014. Effective LAI, LAI, FAPAR and FCover were collected using various instruments over rice fields at different stages of development. Five Landsat-8 images were used to up-scale the ground measurements over a region of 20km x 20km. Still in the frame of ERMES project, CNR-IREA has collected effective LAI, LAI, FAPAR and FCover measurements over rice fields of Rosasco site in Italy in July 2014. The data have been provided to EOLAB which has generated the high resolution maps from a Landsat-8 image.

EOLAB has up-scaled the in-situ measurements of effective LAI collected by the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Engineering (CAAE) over the Guangdong site (one of the JECAM network site), a paddy rice fields area. Four field campaigns were conducted between April to June 2013 but only one cloud-free Landsat-8 image, concomitant with ground experiments, was available (May 2013).

Ground data and high resolution maps are available here.

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