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Collelongo ground measurement dataset updated.

The ground measurement dataset collected over Collelongo in 2015 has been updated, as well as the ImagineS 3kmx3km mean value database.

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ImagineS successfully closed!

HYGEOS has received the final payment and distributed it to the partners. Thus, the project is closed. The exploitation of project achievements continue in other initiatives, in particular in the Copernicus Global Land Service.

ImagineS final review held on 7th July 2016 in Brussels

After the end of the project on 30th June 2016, the ImagineS final review held on 7th of July in Brussels at the REA premises.

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From 2013 to 2016, ImagineS has conducted, in collaboration with many local partners, a series of single date or multi-temporal field campaigns over 23 sites around the world. The measurements of LAI, FAPAR and FCover were acquired and upscaled to the site extent using high resolution satellite imagery according to the guidelines defined by the CEOS/WGCV Land Product Validation group. The resulting database, including the in-situ data, the reference high resolution maps and a single file gathering the average values at 3kmx3km, is a unique tool to assess the accuracy of EO-derived biophysical products like the Copernicus Global Land service products.

example of field campaign and resulting maps

Field campaign, conducted in February 2016 in collaboration with CIAT, over Maragua site located in the upper Tana river basin in Kenya. Typical landscapes and examples of crops sampled during the campaign. Resulting maps over 20km x 20km region: LAI (left), FAPAR and FCover (middle) and quality indicator (dark and light blue: good quality; red: low quality).

Built on the achievements of the FP7/geoland2 project which has setting-up pre-operational infrastructures of the Copernicus Land Service, ImagineS consolidates and continues of the research and development efforts to support the operations of the Global component of the Copernicus Land Service, preparing the exploitation of the future Sentinel data in an operational context. Further, ImagineS works to favor the emergence of an original agricultural service dedicated to the monitoring of crop and fodder production.